Purpose and Objectives

Grace of Calvary Bible Institute operates as a Baptist Bible School providing post-secondary training for pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists and church workers. The Institute purposes to develop within the hearts of its students a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, His Word, His Church, His people and the lost whom He came to seek and to save. Not only do we want to instill an evangelistic fervor within our students but also to help equip them for service in the local church and to be used of God to the fullest of their potential.

A clear objective is to impart Baptist distinctives and church polity. Our goal is to see our students maintain strong Baptist convictions and to see them remain true to their Baptist heritage.

Standard of Conduct
Attendance at Grace of Calvary Bible Institute is a privilege and therefore the school reserves the right to refuse admission to, discipline, or dismiss any student whose personal conduct or attitude, in the judgment of the administration, is not consistent with the Christian spirit and standards which we seek to maintain.

We expect our students to avoid practices which cause the loss of sensitivity to spiritual things and their own personal walk with the Lord. The following rules of conduct are set forth:
1) Such practices would include dancing, obscenity, drug abuse, gambling, use of tobacco products or alcohol, profanity, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, violent video games, all media rated r or above.
2) Grace of Calvary Bible Institute expects that its students shall not only live lives that are above reproach, but that they shall also exemplify Christian usefulness and kindness in their dealings with their instructors and fellow students. Since this institution maintains a definite spiritual emphasis, we believe that our students should manifest loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ by living consecrated Christian lives.
3) Griping, destructive criticism and cynical attitudes grieve the Holy Spirit and are destructive to Christian growth and development and will not be tolerated.
4) Each student will be expected to attend, be members of and serve in a local New Testament Independent Fundamental Baptist church.
5) Students are required to be on time for all classes.
6) Cheating on examinations will not be tolerated and will be punished by immediate expulsion for the institution.
7) All students at Grace of Calvary Bible Institute will be required to sign a statement indicating agreement with our statement of faith, student conduct and dress code.