Financial Policies


Completing Registration

In order to complete registration, the semester’s tuition must be paid in full.  All conditional fees applicable to the student must be paid in full.



Should a student withdraw or be dismissed during a semester, there is no refund on tuition or conditional fees that have been prepaid.



Accounts must be paid in full before graduation of the student.


Conditional Fees

Application fee- $35.00

Transcript fee – $10.00

Late Registration fee – $75.00

Course Change fee – $15.00

Late Examination fee – $20.00

Graduation fee – $105.00

Library fee per semester – $20.00

Matriculation fee (1-5 hours per semester) – $60.00

Matriculation fee (over 5 hours) – $95.00


Tuition fee (per semester hour) – $115.00